Brown Crab

Of the west Wales coast Brown Crab is one of the main species, which are caught by the inshore fleet of fishing vessels throughout the year, the catch is of high quality with Brown Crab being landed alive, and sold alive, cooked or processed.

There are various Crab processors of Brown Crab along the west Wales coast .

The fishery is a well regulated by Welsh Government with a strict minimum size to insure the fishery is sustainable for future generations, with a larger minimum landing size than the European requirement.

All fishing is carried out by low impact sustainable fishing methods, with a natural open ranching mechanism, where Brown Crab are caught in baited pots, where pots are brought to the surface to be cleared and rebated, Brown Crabs are measured and all undersize/non target species are returned unharmed to the sea.

Brown Crab are stored in storage pots and landed daily or weekly as markets demand.

The fishing industry within west Wales coast is mostly made up of small fishing vessels under 10 metres in length, which have the time they can spend at sea limited by strong tides and Atlantic weather systems which also acts as a natural conservation measure.

Brown Crab